Best 9 Women’s Mountain Bike Helmets for Comfort and Safety

Were you looking for the finest mountain bike helmets for women? We chose our 9 top mountain bike helmets for women after examining over 50 different helmets from various brands.

A decent bike helmet is undoubtedly your best buddy when it comes to mounting. To keep safe while hurtling over rocks, whether uphill, downhill, or handling corners, you should be prepared appropriately with one of our mountain bike helmets.

Wearing a helmet is a must when riding on some of the most challenging terrains. It not only protects your head from shock/impact, but it also lowers your chances of suffering a catastrophic injury.

Suppose you are concerned about style, comfort, helmet air, or other nuisance. Let me tell you that current helmets are more protective, more comfortable, and more fashionable.

These helmets’ fit and retention mechanisms have improved over time, and the introduction of MIPS (multi-directional impact protection system) technology was a significant step forward. It provides all-around protection, regardless of how you strike the ground/rock.

Furthermore, the increasing number of inspirational women in the mountain biking scene means more style possibilities for your safe bike helmet now than a decade ago.

Helmet Name
No of Vents
Amazon Link
POC Tectal
0.7 lbs
Smith Venture MTB Helmet
0.7 lbs
Troy Lee Adult A2 Bike Helmet
0.9 lbs
Giro Montara MIPS Helmet
0.8 lbs
Smith Optics Portal
1.3 lbs
TeamObsidian Airflow Bike Helmet
0.6 lbs
Giro Cartelle MIPS Cycling Helmet
0.8 lbs
MOKFIRE Mountain Bike Helmet
0.8 lbs
Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet
0.6 lbs


Best Mountain Bike Helmets for Women in 2023

1# POC Tectal, Helmet for Mountain Biking

The finest mountain bike helmet on our list is the POC Tectal. When it comes to rugged all-around protection, this 342-gram fashionable helmet is unrivalled. You may practically bash your skull on a rock, and the POC tectal will protect you without any movement.

Tectal’s proprietary rotating impact protection mechanism, known as the SPIN, ensures that your head is secure and undamaged no matter how hard you crash.

It contains 15 air ducts to keep you cool even on extended journeys. Furthermore, because these attractive helmets are designed to be aerodynamic, you may quickly go cruising around mountains.

It is one of the few bike helmets that fit various head sizes and does not have pressure spots or helmet hair. With a rear dial and chin strap, it’s simple to adjust. It fits precisely on your head and will not fall off even if the chin strap is not attached.

You also get an integrated visor and an undetectable strap system, which add to its outstanding adaptability. Overall, it’s a little pricey, but it delivers in terms of aesthetics, style, comfort, fit, and protection.

POC Tectal, Helmet for Mountain Biking:  Check Its Price on Amazon!

Smith Venture MIPS MTB Bike Helmet

2# Smith Venture MIPS MTB Bike Helmet

If you’re looking for the same build quality as the POC Tectal but at a lower price, this is for you. Air is kept circulating with 20 air vents and a very aerodynamic shape. It keeps you cool and safe when cruising in inclement weather.

It has an outstanding MIPS protective system with EPS impact foam on the rear for further head protection. The VaporFit technology guarantees a superb fit, simple adjustment, and comfort.

Unlike many other low-cost bike helmets, the venture performed an excellent job of fitting comfortably on your head without making you seem like a clown when riding for an extended period.

The anti-bacterial performance lining throughout its venture inside maintains it odour-free. To maintain a clear view ahead, AirEvac ventilation adjusts the airflow, expelling damp, heated air away from eyewear. The integrated visor on top serves as a rain and sun shield.

This mountain bike helmet performs admirably on trails for its price and features. Whether it’s a slight bump or a severe collision, knowing MIPS protects you is comforting.

Smith Venture MIPS MTB Bike Helmet: Check Its Price on Amazon!

Troy Lee Adult All Mountain A2 Bike Helmet

3# Troy Lee Adult All Mountain A2 Bike Helmet

Built on the renowned A1 classic design, it has 25% bigger vents linked to deep interior channels for optimal cooling efficiency. If you like the A1 classic series, this is a more significant update regarding comfort, fit, weight, ventilation, and odour management.

The Try Lee A2 bike helmet combines EPS foam protection (usually seen in lower-end bike helmets) with the MIPS Brain Protection System to provide the highest protection against significant impacts.

In the frontal lobe and surrounding critical impact zones, the helmet has 16% more EPS protection. It also features dual-density EPP protection for gentler impact or shock.

The interior is flexible and smooth, with wide vents for a comfortable fit. It feels light and cosy on your head, with a lovely appearance from the outside. This guarantees a comfortable fit immediately out of the box and prevents it from wobbling when riding over rugged terrain.

However, its visor needs to slide higher to accommodate some big goggles. There is a lot to choose from because it comes in various hues.

Troy Lee Adult All Mountain A2 Bike Helmet: Check Its Price on Amazon!

Giro Montara MIPS Women's Mountain Cycling Helmet

4# Giro Montara MIPS Women’s Mountain Cycling Helmet

The Giro Montara is, without a doubt, the most feminist cycling helmet on our list. It comes in various attractive colours, is lightweight in construction, has a sophisticated Roc Loc adjustment system, moisture-wicking cushions for odour control, and is easily attachable to a go-pro.

In our informal conversations with a mountain cyclist who owns this helmet, she praises it for its compact design, more comfortable fit, being kind to her hair (few painful areas), and appealing appearance.

The Giro Montara helmet features 16 vents that allow it to breathe. Its durable polycarbonate shell weighs only 0.8 pounds and provides the ideal blend of durability and ventilation.

Its tiny form, specifically for ladies, offers you the confidence to conquer any terrain easily. The unique Roc Loc adjustment system with enforced role cage reinforcement offers an unrivalled level of flexibility, comfort, and security.

On the positive side, it is built with a complete Google connection with breakaway camera mounts with strap grippers on the rear of the helmet. Overall, it’s a fantastic helmet for the money!

Giro Montara MIPS Women Mountain Cycling Helmet: Check Its Price on Amazon!

Smith Optics Portal MIPS Adult Cycling Helmet

5# Smith Optics Portal MIPS Adult Cycling Helmet

Let’s face it, most high-end protective helmets are either excessively showy or goofy, unlike the Smith Optics Portal. It has a simple, streamlined design, MIPS protection, and a slew of trail-friendly features. While not feminine in form, this unisex bike helmet will keep your brain safe!

It is likely the most crucial consideration when choosing a mountain bike helmet. It contains 18 air vents to keep you cool while preventing perspiration and stink.

MIPS (multi-directional impact prevention system) enhances its outside defensive properties. At the same time, its smartly designed cushioning keeps the sweat from falling into your eyes.

It is light on your head for its 1.3-pound weight and does not feel stuffy like many other protective mountain bike helmets. Its perfect size adjustability and ability to fit comfortably straight out of the box propel it to new heights.

Smith optics are available in two primary sizes (M, L) and seven colours. Overall, there isn’t much to love about this helmet, but you do get a lot for your money.

Smith Optics Portal MIPS Adult Cycling Helmet: Check Its Price on Amazon!

TeamObsidian Airflow Reinforced Bike Helmet

6# TeamObsidian Airflow Reinforced Bike Helmet

The TeamObsidian Airflow is a multipurpose cycling helmet for outdoor trips costing less than $100. It’s exceptionally light (0.6 lbs), aerodynamically designed, and comfortable even after a few hours of riding. It’s a risk-free investment thanks to the 2-year manufacturer warranty.

It is compatible with MTBs, mountain bikes, and road bikes. It could be better for intense mountain riding because it lacks the MIPS protection system or equivalent options.

However, the built-in protection mechanism is adequate for light and moderate accidents. So, unless you want to do something fascinating, there is nothing to be concerned about.

Regarding ventilation, its enormous 22 air vents are unrivalled among mountain bike helmets. So no more sweating and stench after a long day of cycling. The pads compress too little when you adjust them with your head, and the straps have rapid adjustments.

The helmet has a removable visor and padded chin straps. With its superb customer service and lengthy lifespan, you nearly feel like you got your money’s worth.

TeamObsidian Airflow Reinforced Bike Helmet: Check Its Price on Amazon!

Giro Cartelle MIPS Womens Mountain Cycling Helmet

7# Giro Cartelle MIPS Womens Mountain Cycling Helmet

The Giro Cartelle is the younger sister of the Giro Montara. In some ways, they are similar to the base and premium models of the same helmet. I’ve ridden with both in the past, but I prefer the Giro Montara unless I’m on a tight budget like I was in college.

It also incorporates MIPS protection and 14 vents around the helmets to let it breathe. It’s lightweight and gentle on your head, weighing only 0.8 lbs.

It has complete Google connectivity and incorporates quick-lift visors for further protection. Its cool-max cushioning delivers all-day comfort on the trail while controlling odour and wicking moisture.

Its tiny form, specifically for ladies, offers you the confidence to conquer any terrain easily. The unique Roc Loc adjustment system with enforced role cage reinforcement offers an unrivalled level of flexibility, comfort, and security.

Overall, it’s a beautiful MTB helmet for the price that is breezy, adds to your style, is equally protective and comfy, and isn’t extremely heavy or has an odd fit.

Giro Cartelle MIPS Women Mountain Cycling Helmet: Check Its Price on Amazon!

MOKFIRE Mountain Bike Helmet for Women and Men

8# MOKFIRE Mountain Bike Helmet for Women and Men

This is unique because you get many excellent features for a low price. In a nutshell, you get more bang for your buck! You get USB safety lights, a very long detachable visor, camera mounts with EPS foam protection, and a unique adjustable dial fit retention system with this.

The mock fire mountain bike has an utterly adjustable chin strap system, wide airy vents, moisture-wicking pads, and a soft lining to provide a comfortable fit on the slopes.

Although it is not a MIPS system, it does have a multi-density EPS foam system to reduce impact forces and protect your head. Something suitable for the typical rider but unsuitable for excursions.

A universal action cam point, lightweight design, substantial airy vents, good mate finish, red reflector lights at the back, and adjustable chin straps are some of the essential characteristics of this bike helmet. On the downside, it’s simply a standard helmet with many intriguing features to compensate for its lack of protection.

If you are a vlogger or enjoy shooting interesting GoPro videos, this is a terrific alternative to many pricey bike helmets with camera attachments.

MOKFIRE Mountain Bike Helmet for Women and Men: Check Its Price on Amazon!

Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet for Women and Men

9# Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet for Women and Men

This a straightforward yet practical option for your weekend mountain riding. It’s an excellent choice for novices searching for a low-cost helmet that looks good, is comfortable, and protects them from head injuries. The good news is that it looks and feels virtually identical to quality helmets.

Yes, it will not protect you as much as the expensive ones, but it will still do a lot to keep your head secure. It had to rely on thicker multi-density EPS foam to absorb impact pressures because there was no MIPS protection system.

The detachable padding is comfortable and gives additional coverage. There is also a detachable lining and 18 air vents to allow it to breathe. However, if you do sweat, the wonderful cushioning prevents it from soaking in your eyes.

Although not explicitly designed for ladies, the Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet comes in seven colours. So you can be confident that not only will people like the simplicity of this helmet but so will your favourite colour. The convenient ratcheting method guarantees that one size fits everyone.

Overall, it provides enough head protection and, given its low price, makes purchasing terrific and gratifying. This helmet is perfect for those seeking an entry-level model.

Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet for Women and Men: Check Its Price on Amazon!

What Are the Best Mountain Bike Helmets for Women?

When purchasing a new mountain bike helmet for female use. There are a few essential points to keep in mind at all times.

In other words, in order to make an informed selection, you must first understand and inquire about your requirements. A lady just starting mountain biking has different requirements than someone doing it for a long time.

Is MIPS present? What size appears to fit my head? How comfy is it? Is it within your budget?, How heavy is it?, Is there a camera mount on it? What are its distinguishing characteristics? , How much of an impact does it have on your hair? , Is the one worth it in terms of durability/quality, and so on?

These are some crucial questions to consider before making a final decision.

Based on these criteria, we reviewed and listed the items listed above. I extensively researched and evaluated each Mountain Bike helmet on each aspect before ranking them.

Furthermore, before making our ultimate selection, I examined their structure, comfort level, ratchet adjustment method, cushioning, breathability, and fit. Because these are some of the most basic requirements for every modern bike helmet, they were Our priority when compiling the preceding list.

While preparing the above list, our priority was its level of protection, followed by durability, ease of use, quality, comfort, cost, fit, breathability, weight, additional features such as an adjustable visor or camera mount, padding, construction material, and all other aspects of a modern mountain bike helmet.

Overall, I have compiled a list that is appropriate for all women, regardless of their present level of expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q.1. How did I know whether it was the perfect fit?

Ans: When selecting a safe bike helmet, one of the most crucial factors is your helmet’s fit. Your mountain bike helmet should be light, tight, and easily adjustable. The straps should be neatly finished to be tight but without suffocating you.

It should shield your brow while providing a decent rear cover when worn. It is not a good fit if it feels excruciatingly tight around any location. Similarly, if it can be turned easily, it is too loose to protect your head. Then look for space on the sides to wear sunglasses.

Q.2 Do mountain bikes require a special helmet?

Ans: when you do not need a helmet to ride your mountain bike, you should wear one to keep protected and safe when riding on mountain trails. What better way to safeguard your head than with mountain bike helmets built to meet the challenges of the terrain?

Refrain from skimping and buying $25 cheap road bike helmets. How expensive your bike helmet makes no difference, but it must be the proper type. To address the question, mountain bikes require a special helmet that provides more excellent protection than a standard bike helmet.

Q.3 Do I genuinely require MIPS protection?

MIPS is an abbreviation for a Multi-directional impact protection system. As the name implies, its purpose is to keep you safe from significant crashes involving rotating forces created by angle impact. In layperson’s terms, it’s an extra safety element that protects against 60% of the most severe incidents.

The MIPS technology argument is that standard foam protection is designed to guard against vertical impact forces. What happens if you crash at an angle, turning the helmet to the other side due to rotational motion generated by impact forces? The one that causes significant brain damage.

Q.4 Can you ride a mountain bike while wearing a road helmet?

Ans: It is typical to see individuals wearing road bike helmets on mountain trails, particularly among novices. Wearing a helmet is preferable to taking the danger of going without one. A road bike helmet is constructed differently from a mountain bike helmet.

Road bike helmets are usually light, contain wide air vents, and provide modest head protection. A mountain bike helmet, on the other hand, provides

  • more excellent coverage,
  • extra protection,
  • a detachable visor, and
  • the MIPS system (Multi-directional impact prevention system).

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