11 Best Vintage Retro Bike Lights: Comparison & Review

The antique motorcycles and retro bike lights have a nostalgic feel to them. The heavier steel frames and traditional stylings of vintage beach cruisers and wartime messengers were all designed to endure a lifetime.

If you’re lucky enough to own one of these vintage bikes, you’ll want to maintain any authentic accessories.

That means whitewall tires, banana seats, and, of course, retro bike lighting.

You know the type. Silver bullets, sparkling in chrome, are placed on your head post and fender, with sleek hooded brims, bright LEDs, and heavy metal bodies.

However, finding original vintage lights may take time and effort.

Fortunately, manufacturers have retained the traditional style while improving machinery to include efficient LEDs and lighter materials.

There are hundreds of possibilities, but while many may have the desired aesthetic, they are only some good deals. However, you are not required to browse around.

The following list lists the best and most economical vintage and retro-style lights.

You’ll discover the appearance you’re looking for, and you might be shocked by the modern-day practicality concealed underneath yesterday’s designs.

Retro Bike Light
Built For
Best Fit
Metal Body
Flash Mode
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Vintage 6 Flashlight
Vintage Retro Light
KiLEY LED Tail Light
GAZOZ LED Tail Light
2Krmstr Metal Vintage
Vont ‘Pyro’ Bike Light
BV Bike Light Set
Super Bright CREE LIght
Lowrider Bike Tail Light


11 Amazing Vintage Retro Bike Lights You Should Try

GOODKSSOP Metal Chrome Silver Classical Bright Headlight

GOODKSSOP Metal Chrome Silver Classical Bright Headlight

This GOODKSSOP headlamp might be the ideal finishing touch for your antique bike restoration. It has an instantly identifiable vintage style from the round, 8 cm diameter lens to the wartime visor-like hood.

The bullet-shaped body is finished in mirrored chrome, and the bulb isn’t the only thing that shines on this light.

The vintage style is all about aesthetics, but that doesn’t mean this lamp skimps on functionality and convenience.

A single button push opens the casing’s 11 cm length to show the contemporary workings inside.

The white LED light bulb illuminates the road ahead and to the side. This light’s 160-degree coverage assures safe evening riding. It is extremely energy efficient, requiring only three AAA batteries to operate.

The provided bracket makes it simple to mount the light to your bike. Fasten it to your bike’s head tube using the screw at the fork crown. Turning on and off the light is as simple as turning a rotary switch. This lamp is a no-nonsense throwback to a bygone age.

GOODKSSOP Metal Chrome Silver Classical Bright Headlight: Check Its Price on Amazon!

Vintage 6 LED Retro Bicycle Front Light Flashlight

Vintage 6 LED Retro Bicycle Front Light Flashlight

What if you want a round-faced headlight with a sleek style reminiscent of the 1960s but without a prominent hood? Then consider this vintage bicycle front light, which checks all requirements.

It is also available in two distinct finishes. Choose electroplated silver for a shiny chrome impression or smooth, matte black rubber paint for a more understated look.

This product provides you with only one option. Using the provided bracket, you may put it at the top or bottom of your head tube.

If that isn’t enough, the headlight hinges where it links to the mount, allowing you to adjust the light’s vertical directional control to suit any terrain.

Don’t be concerned about getting caught in the rain; this light is waterproof.

The traditional appearance gives way to modern technology on the inside. Whereas an old-fashioned light would have a single colossal bulb, this headlamp features six LEDs that can be turned on and off with the flip of a button.

Even with all those lights, 3 AAA batteries power this light for 30 hours, so you can take a late ride without fear of being caught in the dark.

Vintage 6 LED Retro Bicycle Front Light Flashlight: Check Its Price on Amazon!

Vintage Retro Bicycle Bike Front Light Lamp 7 LED

Vintage Retro Bicycle Bike Front Light Lamp 7 LED

Another entry that epitomizes the sleek, bullet-shaped stylings of yesteryear, this headlamp from Bluesunshine will not disappoint anyone looking for a retro aesthetic.

It, too, comes in two colours: shiny silver and matte black, with precise circles for the lens.

This light also has vertical directional control, which is performed with the help of an accompanying bracket that, like the GOODSKSSOP, can be attached to the headtube or the top of the front brakes on your fixed-gear bike.

This lamp has an excellent shape, but what about its function?

Don’t worry, and this headlight will glow brightly. It contains 7 LED lights that are intensified by finely crafted reflectors and focussed through a night riding lens. Two AA batteries are required to power the device.

All of this is contained within a compact form factor made of metal and strong ABS plastic. Each piece fits together so precisely that you can bike through a deluge without losing your light. And, despite its numerous features, this product can be used without breaking the money to purchase.

Vintage Retro Bicycle Bike Front Light Lamp 7 LED: Check Its Price on Amazon!

KiLEY LED Rear Tail Light for Vintage Classic Bicycle

KiLEY LED Rear Tail Light for Vintage Classic Bicycle

Riding across the city and showing off your vintage tour bike is one of the most enjoyable aspects of owning one. KiLEY’s rear tail light is the device that will stop traffic in more ways than one.

Its beautiful chrome finish draws attention, and its retro-style red light ensures you are not invisible to traffic, especially at night.

This is not a flimsy product; it is made of durable galvanized iron that lies just beneath the chrome coating. An appealing basic grill also shields it.

Nonetheless, your ride will be unaffected with a weight of 90 g. The material will survive a long time, as will the design.

With two AAA batteries, the light will shine continuously for 70 hours and flash continuously for an incredible 280 hours. The kit includes a bracket for attaching the light to your fender.

Replacing old reflectors with this more practical version is a simple procedure that improves your safety and attractiveness. All that remains is to enjoy coasting down the road in true throwback fashion.

KiLEY LED Rear Tail Light for Vintage Classic Bicycle: Check Its Price on Amazon!

GAZOZ PERFORMANCE Bicycle Rear LED Tail Lights

GAZOZ PERFORMANCE Bicycle Rear LED Tail Lights

Contribution in the antique tail light category, GAZOZ provides the previous entry to the solid competition. Its chrome-plated metal shell and textured red lens cover scream vintage, and it would look great on a classic steel-frame touring or road bike.

The LED light is designed to be mounted on the mudguard or fender and is highly brilliant when viewed from behind. With the touch of a button on the top of the shell, it may be switched between steady and blinking modes.

This light performs similarly to the Kiley, lasting between 70 and 280 hours depending on the set and is powered by two AAA batteries.

It’s a low-cost tail light that is built to last, like the ancient lamps it’s modelled after. The metal body is compact yet durable, and a wire cage protects the light cover from impact damage in a fall or accident.

Please turn it on before you go on your bike, whether day or night, for a throwback perspective on traffic safety that won’t go ignored on the road.

GAZOZ PERFORMANCE Bicycle Rear LED Tail Lights: Check Its Price on Amazon!

2Krmstr Metal Chrome Silver Shell Bright Cool Vintage Light

2Krmstr Metal Chrome Silver Shell Bright Cool Vintage Light

If you like a traditional design but need extra brightness from your headlights, this antique model from 2Krmstr is what you’re searching for.

The steel housing’s blunt, bullet form gives it a dynamic profile from decades ago, and it’s finished with polished chrome or scratch-resistant black paint, depending on your preferences.

The hooded brim on this model is more than simply a nod to vintage style. It prevents light from shining upward, making it effective in fog and darkness.

And the LED bead, powered by three AAA batteries, is brilliant. It improves sight far ahead, making it easier to traverse roadways at night.

A mounting bracket is supplied, like with the other lights on this list, and may be attached to the front brake or lower head tube.

The light may rotate up and down smoothly as needed and is controlled by a simple rotary switch.

It just takes a few minutes to put up this light, leaving your mind free to admire how beautifully it complements your antique bike appearance.

2Krmstr Metal Chrome Silver Shell Bright Cool Vintage Light: Check Its Price on Amazon!

Vont ‘Pyro’ USB Rechargeable Super Bright Bicycle Light

Vont ‘Pyro’ USB Rechargeable Super Bright Bicycle Light

Vont’s Pyro bicycle lights are a feature-rich combination of head and tail lights appropriate for all bike designs. They have a more contemporary, minimalist style, but the round lens shape and general utilitarian aesthetic clearly show historical inspiration.

The rechargeable battery allows for the tiniest and lightest entries on the list thus far. Connect the Pyro to a power source using a regular USB connection to charge it swiftly for 10 hours of continuous use.

With so much power, the three incredibly bright LED beads can accomplish a lot. They have four settings: high, low, quick, and slow strobe.

And, owing to an easy strap-based installation mechanism, you can set these lights wherever, and they’re strong enough to withstand even off-road riding.

Vont built this product with aircraft-quality aluminium and ABS plastic, covering the internal components with high water resistance.

And these lights are equally as cheap as everything else here. The Pyros cut if you require something adaptable with current capabilities and a classic look.

Vont ‘Pyro’ USB Rechargeable Super Bright Bicycle Light: Check Its Price on Amazon!

GOODKSSOP Bright 3 LED Classical Cool Cycling Headlight

GOODKSSOP Bright 3 LED Classical Cool Cycling Headlight

We return to the old tapered and rounded design of headlight housing for GOODKSSOP’s second entry on this list, with a few interesting tweaks.

At first glance, you’ll note that the round lens is ribbed in the classic form rather than smooth. This element not only accentuates the retro appearance but also diffuses the brightness of the light so that other drivers are not blinded.

It’s also a brilliant light. Three LEDs work together to provide good vision in all lighting settings. Please set it to a steady beam or use the pulse mode to save battery life. The light is powered by three AAA batteries housed within a casing that can be opened with a simple safe clasp.

Another aspect that distinguishes this lamp is its casing. The whole body is made of ABS plastic and painted in shiny silver or black.

The material is long-lasting and helps to reduce the weight of an already light design.

However, based on its appearance, you’d never guess this isn’t a heavy gauge steel light salvaged from an earlier model bike, making it a perfect complement for any vintage design.

GOODKSSOP Bright 3 LED Classical Cool Cycling Headlight: Check Its Price on Amazon!

BV Bike Light Set, Bicycle LED Headlight, and Taillight Set

BV Bike Light Set, Bicycle LED Headlight, and Taillight Set

If you require both front and rear lights for your bike, it is preferable to get a pair. These BV lights are a fantastic value, with a pill-shaped horizontal headlamp and taillight that can be incorporated into any vintage style.

Each light has 5 LEDs, 3 in the centre and two on the sides, for optimum light coverage and visibility. These lights have an exceptional visible range of 1500 feet, consistent throughout all three working modes: steady, flashing, and chasing. As needed, combine and combine parameters.

A tool-free mounting system secures the lights to your handlebars and seat post, and a tail light attachment on your saddlebags.

And they will not let you down in your hour of need. Each light is powered by two AA batteries that are said to last up to 65 hours.

When changing the batteries, pry open the light housing with a key, quarter, or similar instruments. Insert it into the handy groove on the side of the lamp and lift the shell apart.

When closed, these lights are not only secure but also weather-resistant. If you pick these adaptable beauties, some water or snow will not leave you in the dark.

BV Bike Light Set, Bicycle LED Headlight, and Taillight Set: Check Its Price on Amazon!

Super Bright Adopt CREE LED Chip 300Lumens Bike Light

Super Bright Adopt CREE LED Chip 300Lumens Bike Light

What happens when you mix tried-and-true vintage aesthetics with the finest of the best in LED technology? Take a glance at this light to find your solution.

You’re now used to the iconic bullet shape and noticeable hooded brim, and the silver and black colour selections are just what you’ve come to expect.

When viewed via the crystal clear, circular lens, the LED bead in the middle of the reflector is provided by industry leader CREE.

These lights will provide you with remarkable brightness, clarity, and endurance. With 300 lumens lighting your path, you’ll feel confident riding at high speeds, even in the dark.

This light’s aluminium alloy structure allows it to withstand all of the bumps and scratches that come with riding. You may attach it on your road bike to show off in town or on your mountain bike to ride safely. Installation takes 3 minutes or less with the provided bracket, and you can quickly move this between bikes if necessary.

Super Bright Adopt CREE LED Chip 300Lumens Bike Light: Check Its Price on Amazon!

Lowrider Red Bullet Bike Bicycle Tail Light

Lowrider Red Bullet Bike Bicycle Tail Light

So you decided on a bullet-style, hooded headlight, but now you need a matching tail light. Lowrider offers just what you’re looking for. This tail light brilliantly recreates that iconic look with an all-metal, chrome-plated body and a conical, convex red lens.

The retro vibes don’t stop there, as a 12v10w incandescent bulb produces this lamp’s light. This construction has no LEDs; it is an entirely original copy. That means there’s no room for batteries inside the housing, but Lowrider developed the tail lamp with this in mind.

Powering it is also done the old-fashioned way since it must be hooked to an external power source.

This is most convenient when mounted on the suggested cruiser or Orange County Chopper, but e-bike batteries will also work. On an unpowered bike, a primary battery pack will suffice.

However, if you’re primarily concerned with attaining the proper appearance, this light may be installed without being wired to anything. It works perfectly as a firmly made vintage decoration, ready to be fired up whenever you wish.

Lowrider Red Bullet Bike Bicycle Tail Light: Check Its Price on Amazon!

What Are the Functions of Bicycle Lights?

While bicycle lights may be used for lighting and signalling, their primary purpose is to help riders to see farther and clearer in front of them.

Increased visibility at night, whether in the form of street lights or bike lights, aids in avoiding obstacles, preventing accidents, and maintaining speed even on dark streets/roads.

This is a critical safety measure that every rider should have. A bike light offers security and improves your riding experience on the road, especially at night.

Furthermore, they make you visible in the dark, allowing others to avoid last-minute emergency moves. They come in every form and size and are outfitted with LED lights.

How to Choose the Best Retro Bike Light

Several bicycle light alternatives exist, but whether a vintage bike light is worth your money depends on your cycling style, bike type, purpose, and preference for style/design.

When you have a new or old bike, putting a retro bike will give it a vintage aesthetic. However, there are a few key considerations to consider while purchasing one for oneself.

Most bike lights fall into one of two categories: headlights and tail or rear lights. A headlight is a bright front light, but a tail light is a modest red signal at the back that makes your bicycle visible to approaching automobiles.

Their quality or performance may be judged regarding brightness, battery life, visibility range, and certification. Since these are only a few of the essential components of a bike light, we also examine light modes, mount options, durability, construction, charge, pricing point, and so on.

Furthermore, I have personally examined their constructions, workings, and which bike type they best fit in, as well as if they are safe for off-roading or confined to streets.

I have compiled a list suitable for all motorcyclists who enjoy riding retro motorcycles.


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