Best Gravel Bike Pedals for 2023? – Flat and Clipless Options Available.

When you buy a gravel bike, the pedals are certainly not included. Flat or clipless pedals are typically the first equipment purchased for a gravel bike. Which one is superior?

When choosing bike pedals, consider the sort of cycling you’ll perform and whether you like clip-in or flat-style pedals. Please only buy the first pair after thinking about it.

Also, do you have the proper footwear? Check out our best gravel bike shoes for your next adventure.

What are the best gravel bike pedals available?

Are you looking for the best gravel bike pedals? We’ve done the research and testing to bring you the best selections on the market.

What criteria should I consider when selecting gravel pedals?

Before we look at the finest gravel bike pedals, let’s go through how to choose them.

You seek out those calm nature experiences if you like bicycling on gravel pathways to busy roads with traffic.

When looking for pedals ideal for this type of adventure, look for ones that perform best with MTB shoes. You will likely spend some time on foot on such off-road bicycle adventures.

As a result, you’ll need shoes that are both comfortable and useful for riding and trekking. As a result, they have shown to be the best option for hiking and bike portions.

Gravel bikes typically use three pedals: flat, clipless MTB, and double-sided flat/clipless. However, road clipless pedals are not recommended since they frequently come with road shoes that make crossing hilly terrain difficult, do not provide adequate gripping force, and are not suited for everyday usage.

Flat pedals used for gravel riding should have big pins to assist guarantee shoes hold better and give more efficiency while climbing steep slopes, preventing feet from slipping.

When choosing a pedal, build quality is a critical consideration that might be difficult to determine without significant testing.

Considering the greatest bike pedal approaches? Is it required to use a mountain bike or bike-packing shoes? There’s no need to seek further: the solution is right here.

These flat, clipless pedals are ideal for your next gravel bike adventure.

Which clipless pedals are ideal for a gravel bike?



Crankbros Eggbeater 3

These pedals are a fantastic value for $99.99 on Amazon since they come with an exclusive package that includes a set of quality cleats and shoe protectors. This method protects your shoes while allowing you to lock them into the pedals for optimal grip firmly. If you’re searching for something more affordable, the Eggbeater 1 ($39.90) is the way to go.

Their four-sided entrance sheds muck well, and the adjustable float and release angles let you ride anywhere and whenever you wish.

With an Igus inboard bearing, an Enduro outboard bearing, and a double lip seal, these ruggedly made cast stainless steel pedals weigh an amazingly light 280 grams each pair.

Crankbrothers pedals are simple to install. Their SPD mechanism is excellent, providing a smooth engagement and release.

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What are the best gravel-bike flat pedals?

Crankbros 5050's Platform Pedals

Crankbros 5050’s Platform Pedals

These larger and heavier pedals give the adaptability you’re looking for if you’re planning a bike journey, exploring gravel and confronting off-road problems. They are an excellent choice for all forms of riding.

Because of their SCM 435 chromoly steel spindle, F6061-T6 aluminium/composite body, Igus LL-Glide inner bearing, and Enduro Cartridge outer bearing, these broad, comfortable shoes always give excellent grip. They will never fail you.

The ten adjustable pins on either side of the pedals ensure a firm grip on even the most challenging gravel sections. These more giant pedals are suitable for sizes 10-15 (US)//43-49 (EU), feature a 102 mm x 96mm platform, weigh 480 grams per pair, and come with a 5-year warranty.

Whether you have broad feet or not, the extra space on these pedals provides a fantastic experience. Because they are well-made, your feet will stay firmly in position. They are also tiny compared to the ordinary pedal, yet they are sturdy, durable, and smooth. You can get them for $117.00 from Amazon here.

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Spank Spike Flat

Spank Spike Flat

Customers remark that these pedals provide long-lasting performance – the pins provide maximum grip, and the bearings/bushings are dependable, easy to replace, and ideal for large feet. Some have even claimed to have worn them for four years without incident.

Amazon has a broad platform with gripping feet and other features for $93.00. More information on them may be found here.

  • This platform is 12mm thin and packed with functionality.
  • Each pair weighs 420g, including all pins.
  • Cold Forging Alloy is used to making the pedal body.
  • Axle manufactured of scandium-enriched hollow tapered steel.
  • Chamfered edges increase clearance and lower impact forces.
  • Chamfering the side edges increases the cornering room.
  • A complete ball bearing that is bigger than typical sizes and hermetically sealed, making it suited for heavy industrial applications.
  • Outboard IGUS Bushing Sealed
  • Each pedal has 20 adjustable pins.
  • Full-size hex head pins improve longevity and maintenance.
  • The Internal Friction Seal removes gravel and debris while reducing unintentional pedal movement.

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Shimano PD-GR500

Shimano PD-GR500

These pedals are designed with curved platforms to enhance control and efficacy. They have an extra-wide, low-profile design perfect for unique bike styles. They also have three distinct pin heights that may be modified to suit the rider’s preferences. Furthermore, the pins are removable and fastened from the back for user ease during maintenance.

Despite their weight of 533 grams, these pedals provide excellent value at $74.99. They have a fantastic grip and are simple to slide off when needed.

You may be confident that your purchase here will be less likely to fail since heavier pedals provide more strength. Shop if you’re interested!

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Funn Python Flat Pedal

Funn Python Flat Pedal

Funn is a fantastic brand for bicycle adventures. I recently received their G-Wide handlebars and was pleased with the quality and look of the item. Python flat pedals are perfect on gravel trails. They are made of CNC’d 6061 aerospace-grade alloys with 12 sturdy pins on either side to keep your foot on the pedal.

The Python pedals have a thin, broad platform that measures W101mm x L101mm x H11mm and weighs only 375 grams. Parts are designed to last and may be changed if they wear out. A Python repair kit, as are replaceable pins, is available on Amazon.

Python pedals are ideal for extreme, adventurous bikers seeking an unclipped ride. They’re light and thin, making them suitable for even the most challenging downhill races.

Despite their thinness, these bike tires look excellent, have much traction, and are well worth the money. Ideal for gravel cycling.

These goods are available in six colours, starting at $94.67 on Amazon.

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Pedaling Innovations Catalyst Pedals

Pedaling Innovations Catalyst Pedals

Pedalling Innovations provides free delivery and a 30-day money-back guarantee on their pedals, which they claim will improve power, stability, and comfort. Return them if you don’t like them!

The remarkable feature of these pedals is their size, which measures 128mmx95mmx16mm. Although the width is typical for flat pedals, the enormous length is advantageous; the 505g weight becomes less significant when considering its capacity to increase force and give greater comfort. Compared to a smaller pedal, this choice has a benefit owing to its better capabilities, even if it means sacrificing weight.

Instead of pressing the pedal on the ball of your foot, you may rest your foot in a mid-foot position with the Catalyst large platform. Compared to a traditional flat pedal, this increases strength as you push down.

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