9 Best Fixed Gear Single Speed Bikes for Commuting

Single-speed bicycles with fixed gears—also referred to as “fixies”—do not have a drivetrain freewheel. This implies that the pedals rotate in tandem with the rear wheel.

As long as the back wheel is rotating, you can’t stop pedaling since the pedals will continue to spin in tandem with it.

Fixed-gear bikes provide advantages, especially for seasoned bikers, despite this more complex arrangement. Fixies are efficient and fun to ride if you get used to how you cycle on one.

They are excellent for exercising, particularly if you enjoy racing. If not, single-seed motorcycles are more practical because they require almost little maintenance due to the absence of a freewheel system.

Whatever your motivation for selecting this type of bike, you won’t be dissatisfied. After all, there’s a good reason why these bikes have been steadily gaining popularity in recent years.

The Benefits of Fixed Gear Bikes

As previously said, fixed-speed bikes are ideal for people with little free time to maintain and mend their bikes. In addition, the drivetrain’s freewheel system.

A fixie also lacks the standard bike’s disc and caliper brakes. Fewer parts equal less upkeep, translating to more time riding your bike.

Even though you won’t notice it immediately, pedaling is more effective since there isn’t a gear pulley at the back.

Another feature that makes these bikes easier and faster to ride is their lower weight than most conventional bicycles.

You’ll be able to navigate the city quickly after you get the hang of pedaling on a bike without several gears. Both novice and seasoned riders may benefit from these bikes, which are excellent for commuting.

9 Best Fixed Gear Bikes For City Riding

Retrospec Harper Single-Speed Commuter Bike

Commuter bike with retrospect Harper single-speed, Despite its simplicity, this bike is everything you need for commuting inside the city.

Despite being straightforward, the design is stylish and contemporary. With a Retrospec bike, you may receive high quality for a reasonable cost, and minimal maintenance is needed.

Safety and security while riding is further assured by the sturdy construction of the frame and the tires’ grooved design for improved traction on pavement.

The Harper is made to drive well and look well. It includes front and rear brakes to help you stop quickly, and the lack of toe overlap in the barspin clearance speeds up and cleans up every turn.

This bike is ideal for individuals searching for a straightforward yet well-equipped ride because it has a comfy saddle and alloy handlebars.

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Sole Bicycles Overthrow

Sole Bicycles Overthrow II Fixed Gear

The Overthrow II bike from Sole Bicycles is an excellent fixie that is also a great deal. It has a sleek, contemporary appearance and is expertly built.

The wheels are fitted with the brand’s distinctive Gripmasters to make them more robust and secure, making the frame light and maneuverable.

Given that the saddle and handlebars are placed at a convenient distance from one another, you will be able to ride upright.

Thanks to the front and back brakes, your mind will be even more at ease when you cycle.

The frame and fork are made of high tensile steel to make them strong, and the wheels are made to grip the road and withstand any damage so that this bike will last a very long time.

Wherever you decide to commute, you can expect comfortable and hassle-free travel.

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6KU Track Fixed Gear Bicycle

6KU Track Fixed Gear Bicycle

Another manufacturer of premium fixed-gear bicycles is 6KU. They describe their track bike as lightweight and reasonably priced, which it undoubtedly is.

Although the double-walled alloy wheels provide the rider with much support throughout a commute, the aluminum frame and fork are made to be aerodynamic and light.

The extra benefit is that maintaining the aesthetics of your bike won’t need you to do anything at all. Along with the bike, 6KU will also provide a build tool set with everything you need to assemble your bike.

Strong front and rear brakes for quick stopping, sturdy pedals that your feet can grasp, and ergonomically positioned handlebars are among the bike’s most crucial components.

On this bike, all of your needs will be met.

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P3 Cycles Track Aluminum Single Speed Fixie

P3 Cycles Track Aluminum Single Speed Fixie

The Track Aluminum Single Speed bike from P3 Cycles is another straightforward bike with everything a regular biker needs. It has sturdy tires, fast brakes, and comfy handlebars, and it is offered in black or blue.

The “flip flop” hub of the bike means that the rider has control over how they pedal.

Thanks to the front and back caliper brakes and the frame’s lightweight aluminum construction, you may have confidence in the bike no matter how you choose to ride it.

Similar to the 6KU Track bike, this model by P3 Cycles also includes additional tools to make assembling the bike easier. A handbook, an Allen wrench, and a 15mm wrench are included.

Pay attention to it while purchasing your bike because it is better suited to taller riders, particularly those between 5’7″ and 6′.

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Sole Bicycles the Duke II Fixie Bike

Sole Bicycles the Duke II Fixie Bike

Sole Bicycles’ Duke II bike is yet another top-notch model. The Duke II is exactly as agile and light as the Overthrow II, at only 26 pounds.

To keep you safe at the bike’s contact places, it also includes the brand’s distinctive Gripmasters. Although the light frame is stylishly white, its high-tensile steel construction is its finest feature.

The brand’s sleek saddle will also make you as comfortable as possible.

You may buy the Duke II in four different frame sizes (49cm, 52cm, 55cm, and 59cm) since this merchant is friendly and adaptable regarding varied rider heights.

The Duke II should be among your top choices when buying a new bike since Sole Bicycles has made it possible to optimize your comfort on a fixie, although you may have yet to think it was feasible.

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Golden Cycles Single Speed Fixed Gear Bike

Golden Cycles Single Speed Fixed Gear Bike

The company’s iconic fixed-gear bicycle is perfect for novice cyclists and those with previous experience riding in one gear.

Although all of the parts are built to last, they also look lovely. The bike has a traditional black frame and is uncomplicated and shiny.

You can put it together quickly, and the bike has powerful brakes on the front and rear, so you’ll get your money’s worth from this fast ride.

The two sets of bosses on this bike that let you install bottle cages and the various paint colours are further appealing features.

It’s perfect for use as a commuter bike since you’ll feel like you’re gliding thanks to the frame’s low weight.

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Sole Bicycles Purple Cheetah Single Speed Bike

Sole Bicycles Purple Cheetah Single Speed Bike

With a name like Purple Cheetah, a third bike from Sole Bicycles enters this list, and you should have high hopes for it. Fortunately, this bike exceeds all of them.

The bike’s eye-catching yellow KMC chain and vivid white and purple frame will draw attention to you as you pass by, and the cheetah print saddle and handlebars are surprisingly comfy.

Additionally, the handlebars include additional grips to assist you in maintaining your balance while riding. The front and rear hand brakes are a required safety feature because the manufacturer jokingly refers to this bike as “one fast cat.”

You can travel at one speed or exert more energy in the “fixed” mode thanks to the “flip flop” hub. You’ll be able to appreciate this bike for its distinctive appearance and superbly quick movements.

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26-Inch Micargi Men RD 818 Fixie Bike

26-Inch Micargi Men RD 818 Fixie Bike

Men seeking a new commuter might consider this bike. It is ideal for riders who like a straightforward design that meets all of their commuting demands and is available in four colors: red, black, white, and matte black.

Similar to the previously described motorcycles, you may travel fast and effectively. The 26-inch wheels are ideal and provide excellent traction at crucial contact places.

You’ll receive your money with Micargi’s RD 818 Fixie Bike since they provide reliable and durable bike components.

The fork and frame are aluminum, lightweight, and streamlined for hassle-free cycling. They can withstand any dirt or debris in their path.

You’ll experience incredible speed on this bike, especially on flat, smooth roads. You can’t go wrong with a bike that has that much functionality built into it.

26-Inch Micargi Men RD 818 Fixie Bike: Check Price on Bikeberry.com

Schwinn Kedzie Single-Speed Fixie Road Bike

Schwinn Kedzie Single-Speed Fixie Road Bike

Schwinn is a well-known brand of bicycles and with good reason. Their Kedzie bike is smooth and pleasant, with superb construction and premium 700C wheels.

The high tensile steel frame is typical of Schwinn’s renowned racing frames, with the ability to endure a lot of wear and tear and withstand significant damage.

The bike looks even more fashionable thanks to the eye-catching blue color. Because it performs best during on-road city trips, this bike is ideal for people comfortable with road bikes.

This lightweight model with superior bike traction lets you zoom through curves and glide along streets. The simple speed gearbox, the alloy wheel rims, and the adjustable seat post are additional outstanding features.

This bike is designed with the rider’s comfort and convenience in mind, putting you in the best possible position to commute by bicycle for as long as you can.

Schwinn Kedzie Single-Speed Fixie Road Bike: Check Its Price on Amazon!

What Are Your Options For The Best Fixed Gear Bike?

You should place the two factors of comfort and speed above everything else while selecting your bike.

With a one-speed bike, these factors are much more crucial because you’ll spend much time riding continuously and must be in the greatest possible position to do it fast and effectively. These factors are crucial regardless of the type of bike you pick.

To ride without straining or hunching over, search for a bike with the saddle and handlebars spaced apart comfortably.

You may increase your speed on one of these bikes by peddling more quickly. The most excellent fixed-gear bike will allow you to pedal quickly on flat road conditions and function brilliantly for commuting reasons.

Pick a bike with a strong chain that can withstand little to no damage to maintain the back wheel turning as it should. A similarly sturdy frame will assist in keeping you on the course so that all of your attention is on the pedaling.

When your feet are near the drivetrain, you want to have as much control as possible, so make sure the bike doesn’t seem unstable as you ride.

Considering that you’ll be cycling arduously and going at a consistent pace, the brakes must be of the highest caliber. Another of your key concerns should be being able to stop quickly without the bike becoming unsteady.

Furthermore, just because a fixie has fewer parts than a standard bike doesn’t mean you can select any old fixie.

A bike does have components. Therefore, you need to pay more attention to them to ensure they are all in excellent shape and prepared for daily riding.

Questions and Answers

Do fixed-gear bicycles work well for commuting?

These bicycles are great commuting vehicles. Instead of using the brakes to slow down after accelerating, you may more easily regulate the bike’s speed to fit your capabilities.
Most travels on public transportation include short, flat distances that are ideal for these one-speed bikes.

Additionally, since your feet are directly attached to the transmission, they are excellent bikes for cycling in the cold.

What are the benefits of fixed-gear bicycles?

Even though you’ll have to get used to cycling without changing gears, these bikes are more accessible than conventional ones. There are no shifters, so your only tasks are pedaling and navigating.

These bikes are convenient for commuting and work best on flat, smooth ground. Due to the lack of a barrier separating your feet and the drivetrain, a fixie will make you feel safer.

You’ll ride more confidently if you feel more in control.

Can a fixie be ridden uphill?

One of these bikes can be ridden upward, but it won’t function at its best on a steep climb.

This is because shifting up through your gears is far easier than cycling uphill at just one speed.

Long hills can be climbed eventually, but they need strength and hard pedaling. They work best on steeper, shorter climbs.

A fixed-gear bike allows you to stop pedaling.

You can’t stop pedaling on a fixed bike since the bike will stop moving altogether. There is no respite for pedaling on a fixie because you cannot coast.

You’ll need to stop pedaling and get off the bike if you want to give your legs a rest.

A bike without a freewheel system might not be for you if you don’t believe you have the stamina for continuous pedaling.

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