Environments have suffered so much, and there is so much to learn and share about bikes and cycling in general. Fuel prices are already high, and there is also concern about global warming.

In the last ten years, more needs to be done regarding the growing concern, and it’s time we contribute our parts to protecting our environment by switching to bicycles.

Thus, spreading a healthy and Eco-friendly lifestyle that can encourage others to join this movement and at least commute once a week on their bikes.

I want to share what I know about bikes, riding in general, and everything I learn because I am an avid rider and a firm supporter of green initiatives.

I founded rafathar.com to offer helpful information about bikes, e-bikes in particular, and other fitness products that I at the time interested in.

It’s challenging to locate a bike that meets your needs. And when I conducted my study for the same, it was pretty irritating. I then began to share advice on selecting the ideal bike for you.

Later, I added up-to-date cycling trends, safety precautions, and maintenance advice to my blog page.

Who Are We?

We are a group of like-minded people passionate about riding bikes (both conventional and electric) and with the same goal in mind: lowering our carbon footprint.

rafathar.com, founded with the help of two friends and a single laptop, has developed into a reliable resource for riding. We were established in November 2019 and offer the most current and beneficial information on bicycles, bicycle accessories, bicycle maintenance, and the sector as a whole.

In addition to creating the content, I rely on my other bicycle pals who enjoy writing and want to share their expertise.

We can give you the most recent and varied viewpoints if we sometimes hire professional content writers with experience in the cycling, sport, and fitness industries to write for our website.

What We Do.

We provide a fantastic learning tool for recreational and new cyclists to improve their riding experience and discover speedy solutions to their most pressing questions and issues.

Goingfitunfit.com is a free cycling resource created in the most straightforward manner possible by the average cyclist for the average cyclist. Which, alternatively, are sometimes difficult to grasp with generic articles that promote extras that are prohibitively expensive and frequently useless for ordinary cyclists.

We distinguish ourselves from most riding websites that only concentrate on reviews, technical information, and the most recent news with our cycling advice and purchasing guide for the typical rider.

Regardless of their level of expertise or motivation for cycling, we refer to our website (rafathar.com) as a destination for all cyclists.

We welcome your suggestions and will never disparage someone based on their bike, its accessories, or how frequently they cycle each month.

Whether you ride a bike for enjoyment, transportation, exercise, or professional reasons, all cyclists are helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Have Questions or Like to Contribute?

Contact us at Email at admin@rafathar.com or use our contact form.